CompuNet Consulting is based in Chicago's western suburb of Batavia, IL and services all of Northern IL, and Southeastern WI. CompuNet can help small businesses to utilize technology through the implementation of proven products such as VMware virtualization and Microsoft operating systems.

Why Choose CompuNet ?

CompuNet Consulting is itself a small business, so we don't have to look far to see what kinds of challenges you face. You may have heard the phrase "It takes one to know one" and this rings true in small business consulting. We are right there with you and we understand the kinds of unique obstacles small businesses face each day. It is our specialty to help you work through these challenges by using technology to your advantage. We offer highly qualified expertise and a dedication to technology, but also sensitivity to the human elements involved. All IT projects are carried out by the CompuNet owner, with over 20 years experience and multiple technical certifications. Always very approachable, without getting too deep into techno jargon or try to impress with fancy terms and acronyms.

We will do more than simply put out fires. We will explain what we are doing, in layman’s terms, and even provide training where necessary. Our approach is not only one of reactive problem solving, but also proactive IT management. We will advise you on systems we can put in place that will provide redundancy to your systems, and alert you to problems before they happen, or even alert us to the problem. For example, we can set up alerts for :
  • Degraded hard drives

  • Disk space utilization

  • Network errors and performance

  • Failing Peripheral components

CompuNet is all about computer networking for the small business. We have the experience and technical education necessary to ensure the best support for your computers and network systems. We do not expect everyone to be an expert in IT matters, and we understand that is why we are often called upon to help. When you call CompuNet, you will get the straight answers, without the attitude.

Here's how we can help

Project/Task based pricing structure. We believe what's good for our customer is also good for us. It's all about satisfaction. If you are satisfied, then you will stay with us, and that is the result we seek. So, when we developed our pricing and fee schedules, we set out to make it flexible, fair and above all competitive. Our fees are project based, not hourly. This means you will know up front what costs will be associated with your IT project, and if the project takes longer than expected, we absorb that, not you. This is much easier to manage than an hourly pricing plan, and allows you to plan your budgets more accurately. In addition, we also offer a monthly flat rate charge called "The Core Four". Under this plan, you pay one monthly maintenance fee, that covers four key areas of netwrok managment - Backups, Malware, Hardware faults and patching. This is suited for customers that need IT assistance on a more regular basis, but still not enough to justify a full time IT staff.

Prompt and courteous service. It is often said that timing is everything, and certainly in circumstances when a technological problem is costing you money, time is of the essence. We provide a nearly immediate response to our customers that contact us either by e-mail or phone. All e-mails and voice mails that come into our system, are immediately forwarded to our location in the field. If you don't get an immediate answer, then you can expect a call back within an hour on average.

Highly Qualified Staff. As projects are handled by the owner of CompuNet, you go right to the top with every call. You will have access to a highly qualified IT professional with over 20 years of experience in administering and managing Windows servers, desktops, mobility devices, remote access and more, as well as multiple certifications including Microsoft, Cisco and VMware. We keep up with changing trends in technology and apply our knowledge to your benefit. We specialize in Microsoft environments which offers some excellent choices for the small business. We can also help you get more productivity from peripherals such as your scanners, printers and network attached storage, by integrating them better into your network for better access.

No Charge unless problem is solved. We will not charge for any portion of our services that have not been resolved, regardless of our investment of time towards the issue. In most cases, we find suitable solutions, but if for some reason a conclusion cannot be reached in a reasonable and timely fashion, then we will not charge for that portion of our time. At which point we will offer alternatives and recommendations to achieve a solution. Also there are no "minimum fees" at CompuNet.

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