Computer Support

In spite of all your best efforts, sometimes things just beak down and you just need it fixed. We can help with anything from a simple workstation problem to more complex server issues and everything in between. We will help with hardware/software upgrades, hardware installations such as printers, scanner, multi-function devices and more. Here is a run down on our computer support services:

  • Operating System Installations - If you have purchased a new computer system without the OS, or if you need to reload your OS for performance reasons, we can help. We will assist from start to finish.

  • Virus/spyware removal - Viruses and spyware can invade your PC and your privacy within minutes of connecting to the internet. We can assist in cleaning up unwanted malware, and improve security and overall performance.

  • Application Installations - Truthfully most applications have well written installation scripts that simplify the installation process. However, you may have an application that has more complex installation steps, or prerequisites that you may not understand. In which case you may be better off leaving it to the experts. If the task seems too daunting, we are here to help.

  • Performance Tuning - Computers tend to slow down over time. Some of that is due to malware as mentioned above, but much of the performance issues observed in computers is just data clutter. We can help condense your data, and organize it for better efficiency and faster access.

  • Internet Access - Chances are, you probably already have internet access, but we can help optimize your connection for better performance and reliability.

  • E-mail Access - This ties in with the internet access. Most likely you already have an E-mail account, but you may not be getting full functionality out of it if you don't have it configured properly.

  • Security Configuration - Without properly locking down your system, you may as well not even bother cleaning malware, as it will surely return. We can help ensure that your system is properly secured, so that intruders do not have an easy entry into your systems.

  • Problem Resolution - Sometimes computers just have unexplained glitches and certan functions you attempt are failing. Things you could do yesterday are suddenly malfunctioning today. Our advice is to first re-boot, and then if that does not resolve it, call us for further diagnostics.

  • Hardware Installations - Did you buy a new sound card, modem, video card or other components and not sure how to install them ? We will assist with hardware installations and see it through to final testing.

  • Data Transfer - Have you recently replaced your computer system? CompuNet Consulting technicians know how to move your data quickly and securely. We can transfer your documents, e-mails, address book, favorites, photos etc, from your old system to your new one, setup your internet connection and install any software you require to smooth the transition from old machine to new. We can transfer the data to another computer or external media such as DVDs.

This covers most of what is typically needed for computer support. If you need computer help with something that was not listed here, just contact us and we will evaluate your situation and provide advice on how to proceed.

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