Data Protection

Data Backup
- To protect valuable computer data, regular backups are essential.  System failures can cause tremendous hardship, yet many business owners conduct each day without a backup for accounting data, databases, digital photos and other irreplaceable data. CompuNet Consulting is focused on providing solutions that help the small business protect their data without investing a lot of time and energy. Backing up your company's computers is absolutely critical  - if you lose computer data, it could potentially devastate your business beyond recovery.

Common causes of data loss:
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Employee Sabotage
  • Equipment Failure
  • Human Error
  • Power Surges
Full system backups ensure that all system and data files are backed up on a timely basis and provide system recovery in the event of computer failure, theft, or natural disaster. It is also recommended to perform regular data only backups which will protect your important data files, but does not backup your executables and program files. The data only backups can be easily customized by the user to include additional files, or directories. These backups take less time, and can typically run over night to completion before the next business day begins. 

Data Recovery - With the increasing reliance on soft data and the reduction in use of hard copies, data has become more critical than ever. From company financial data to years of marketing photo's, data has become the true value in our lives, not the computer. Provided you are following proper backup strategies, data recovery amounts to a simple restore operation. In the event you lose data that has not been backed up however, CompuNet Consulting provides a wide variety of non-invasive data recovery services. By using the latest technologies, we can attempt to rescue some, or all of your data from a damaged hard drive. As part of this service we will:

  • Remove the damaged hard drive from your computer

  • Attempt to recover lost data using the latest software

  • Restore your data to a new hard drive, or to a CD or DVD

CompuNet Consulting can recover:

  • Accidentally deleted files, even shift+delete and emptied Recycling Bin

  • Formatted or deleted volume or partition

  • Failed Volumes and corrupt disks

  • Partially damaged disk with bad sectors

CompuNet Consulting has the tools and experience necessary to recover your critical data. Whether you have accidentally deleted a file, your hard drive has bad sectors, software data errors, CompuNet Consulting can attempt to recover your data.

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