IT Outsourcing makes sense for the small business that doesn't have their own IT staff. CompuNet Consulting offers an outsourcing solution that is very effective, and affordable. We will help you network your computers, keep them secure, and ultimately more reliable and productive.

Services Highlights

Computer Networks

One of the most common goals small businesses strive for when they have multiple computers, is to network them for better information exchange. For most small businesses, a Client/Server approach is what is needed. With this arrangement you have a single centralized server that provides a central repository for storing shared files, sharing printers and other resources. This provides for better collaboration, and more efficient access to your data.

Computer & Network Security 

Your Data is the life line of your business. How to protect attacks on your networks, and the data contained within it, is the challenge that any business owner faces today. The attacks come from many sources including hackers, disgruntled employees, competition, viruses, and even nature. In the end, they are all attacks on profits. You must protect your computers and your network from these threats, and head them off before they become costly.

Mobility & Remote Access

In our mobile society, most small business owners find they need access to their network from anywhere at any time. Fortunately, technology developments over recent years have provided for some excellent solutions for that. One in particular that has been very effective is RDS (Remote Desktop Services). With RDS, you can gain secure access from anywhere, as if you were sitting in the office.

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