Faxing & Scanning

Every business owner wants to run their business as efficiently as possible. Today's technology offers ways to save time and money while preserving the environment by implementing paperless office solutions.

Faxing Solutions - In large part, E-mail has replaced the fax machine but there are times where a fax, or scanned document is needed. This does not mean it has to be done the old fashioned way - that is printing the document, then walking over to a fax machine only to convert it back to an electronic format that can be sent over the wire. The modern day fax is free of any hard copies. Incoming faxes can be automatically routed to an email address, a distribution group or a public Exchange folder. By receiving faxes through email they can be read, deleted, filed electronically, or forwarded without leaving your desk. For outgoing faxes, fax printing can be configured to automatically convert any document that you would normally print into an outbound fax. You can fax any document directly from your computer. Save time and the cost of paper.

Document Scanning - To increase your company’s efficiency, our technicians can implement a high-speed scanning solution. In about the time it takes to file paper copies you can have them electronically imaged. No more search filing cabinets for important documents. Network scanners image at speeds of over 50 pages per minute. No more wasted space taken up by large file cabinets. Now you can find, e-mail, fax, and print all your documents directly from any computer on your network. With today’s technology you can affordably accomplish these tasks and minimize the amount of physical hard copies you keep in your business routines.

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