Email Services

One of the first things most small businesses want to do when they have a solid network up and running, is add E-mail services. E-mail has become an essential communication tool, almost more so than the phone. Many people prefer e-mail because it provides a tracking mechanism for interactions from the past, and overall helps people communicate and collaborate better. The Windows Server operatings systems integrate well with the ever powerful Exchange server, so you can host your own E-mail if you so choose. This will require more administration effort than a hosted e-mail provider, but will also provide more control over calendaring, remote access and more. Whether you chose to host your own E-mail using the Exchange server, or you use a hosting service, we can assist you in making sure you are utilizing the full potential of E-mail services.

Here are some examples of how we can improve your E-mail services:

  • E-mail Domain Name - Occasionally, we find customers who have a registered domain name, but for whatever reason they do not use that domain name for their E-mail. For example, their company domain might be widgets.com but their E-mail address is John.Doe@AOL.com. It is important to have your E-mail domain match your company domain so there is synergy between them. Also, it just does not look professional to use a consumer E-mail account for your business correspondence. We can help make your E-mail your E-mail become a part of your branding, by setting the domain name properly.

  • Archiving - Many people like to keep nearly all their E-mail going years back. This can be a good practice as it can provide documentation of past exchanges. But this can consume substantial resources, so archiving becomes important when retaining years of E-mail messages. We can help you retain what you need, while at the same time maintaining good performance.

  • Mobility - while traveling you need to stay in touch. Some people what to maintain access to everything, so they bring their laptop when they travel. Others just want to stay on top of E-mails, so they don't need t drag along an entire laptop, instead they opt for a Smart Phone. These devices allow you to read all your E-mail, and even see calendaring entries, task lists and such, all from your Smart Phone. We can help make this a reality for you, so your travel schedule does not interfere with your daily interactions with your clients and business associates.

  • Configure Outlook for multiple accounts - Some people have multiple E-mail accounts, for example one for their business and one for personal use. We can assist in making the management of multiple accounts, and simplify access to them. Rather than having to check E-mail in two places, we can help you consolidate both accounts to one mailbox if you prefer. This was your personal E-mail (from Comcast.net, AOL.com or other sources) will arrive in the same inbox as your business E-mails. Other will prefer not to do this, but instead would rather be prompted for which account to log into when opening their E-mail. There is great flexibility in how you can configure multiple E-mail accounts, we can help you choose what is best for you, and get it working to your liking.
As you can see, there is a lot to configure in E-mail accounts, but many people just go with the defaults, and end up missing out on some very useful features. If you need help with E-mail, Call us and you will see the difference we can make.

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