Malware removal

These days it is so easy to get a Virus or Spyware on your computer. Either of these can prevent you from accessing the Internet, make your computer run very slowly and create constant pop-up ads which make it difficult to impossible to use your computer.

CompuNet Consulting can efficiently remove all these pests from your computer and in most cases, preserve all your data and installed programs. Your computer will feel like new again and become snappy and responsive. With the proper configuration of your computer, we can make it much more difficult to get a Virus or Spyware again. We recommend applying the latest service packs for your operating system. This will help improve your security when combined with the proper configuration of your computer and mindful use of the Internet.

We also feature "Remote Virus & Spyware removal". Provided you have an active Internet connection, we can remove your viruses and spyware from our office, remotely! We will not need to visit your business and you will not have to bring your computer to us. Complete virus & spyware removal is possible in most, but not all cases. There are no charges unless we succeed in improving the system performance.

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