Proactive IT Management

If you are having an IT problem, we are here to help.  However, we also strive to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.  While some fire fighting is inevitable, our philosophy is that too much of it indicates there is not enough proactive measures in place. We believe in being proactive first, then reactive where needed. With proper monitoring and charting tools, alerts can be generated at the first signs of trouble. For example, as applications are added, utilization often starts to creep up until it reaches a point where response time is impaired. Catching and correcting performance degradations like this before they become full-blown problems enables the network to run more smoothly, which, in turn, keeps users happier.

There are a wide variety of tools available to assist in monitoring the health of your network, and the good news is many of them are free, and included with the Windows operating systems. For example, Windows servers come standard with system and performance monitors which allow you to keep close tabs on what is going on with key system resources. The most important things to monitor are what some IT professionals refer to as  "The core four"  that is:

1). Processor Utilization
2). Memory Utilization
3). Disk Utilization
4). Network Utilization

These are the key system resources that should be monitored above all others.  Simply watching these closely, will head off a large majority of issues that you would otherwise find out the hard way (after experiencing down time). We can assist in getting your systems set up to send alerts for conditions which we will predefine as adverse, we can then have these alerts go to you, us or both.

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